Saturday, January 8, 2011

Movie Review in 100 Words

I love movies.

Not one movie, not some movies, but just movies. The idea of them. The look and feel of them. Everything.

To clarify, I don't watch every movie that comes out. I don't watch even a handful of them. Horror's a no-go as I'm an enormous wuss, and war movies or other guns/shooting/killing/etc., dramas usually get the pass as well. I have actors and actresses who I like, but I normally won't see all their movies. Natalie Portman is my favorite right now, but it was Keira Knightley last year (or maybe it was Sandra Bullock...). Point is, I jump around. On the flip, I'm not a big Matt Damon fan, but The Adjustment Bureau looks pretty interesting.

I now present THE POINT of my yammering. I'm going to try for a 100 word or fewer review of any movies I see in theaters in 2011. My writing is wordy, very wordy, so I need practice, practice, practice on being concise.

Today's (or rather yesterday's) movie: Season of the Witch

Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman (his buddy/sidekick) are knights. They, along with some unimportant people and a priest, take the ‘witch’ (Claire Foy was good) to her trial to stop a plague. A wannabe knight joins them at some point. Blah, blah, blah. Good triumphs. Was it awesome? Ummm… The sword fights were boring, wolves ate a guy, and the effects…yeah, but I'm a sucker for questioning the expected (here, killing in the name of God).

If you want an epic adventure, watch Lord of the Rings. If you need an okay movie when you’re bored, netflix this one later.

100 words exactly. :)

Did you see Season of the Witch? What did you think? And let's talk about Foy. Creepy good, or is it just me?


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