Monday, February 14, 2011

Does the word 'swoon' make you think of pigs? Hmm...

If you haven't noticed, today's Valentine's Day. Whether you celebrate or demonize it, this day is apparently the third largest consumer holiday after Christmas and Halloween (yikes, I don't have a link to back that up; maybe I read it on Nathan Bransford's blog?). So, what did you buy? My goodies involved DVD's (big shock, huh?) and specialty popcorn, and my body's rebelling against the exorbitant amount of sugar I gobbled over the weekend.

But this Valentine's Day is extra special for me, because it's my first V-day in the blogosphere. Yes, I love that word. Yes, I'm going to overuse it. Yes, you can comment 'shut up and stop using that word.' :) Anyway, V-day = Blogfests, and I'm doing this one. So, here's my 250 swoon-worthy words from Outta the Bag.

“I’ll give you an order, and you obey.” He bit the fleshy lobe of my ear, and I gasped, grabbing onto his arms for support. “Run your hands through my hair.” I dug my nails into his bicep, willing myself to be the defiant woman I’d been before his body touched mine. A lightning bolt of pain streaked through my brain as I resisted, and I brought a hand to my forehead. The pain lessened. When I lowered my arm, it returned worse than before. I heard only Tate’s harsh breathing as I struggled. He trailed a line of open-mouthed kisses along my jaw. “Do as I say, Kat, and it stops.”

I let my fingers brush the hair back from his eyes. It was thick and coarse, so different than I’d imagined, and I indulged in it, scratching my nails over his scalp. He pulled me tighter to him with a whisper of my name, and a wildfire ignited in the depths of my soul.

“Now, kiss me.” His voice was desperate. I forgot my weak protests, my uncertainties. Nothing else mattered as I touched his cheek and pulled his mouth to mine. He tasted as sweet as he smelled, and as he deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue past my teeth, I felt his fingers brush the back of my thigh. I broke the kiss and threw my head back with a moan as he pulled my knee to his hip.

So? All comments are welcome!

Happy Valentine's Day!



Alleged Author said...

What a great 250 words! Loved your ability to describe. :)

Lisa said...

Very nice! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey, did you see you were selected as a finalist in Shelli's pitch contest? I knew your pitch sounded good :) (And shows what I know about the college thing!)


Angelica R. Jackson said...

Whoa--I'll leave a more coherent comment when I get my breath back. And congrats again; good luck with the Pay it Forward contest finals!

Marie Rearden said...

Lisa, yes! I'm so excited/nervous. :)

Jessie Harrell said...

Wowsa! Almost hard to believe it's YA - but I'm totally in love with it anyway. Definitely want to read more. Congrats on making the finals in Shelli's contest!

Christa said...

Wow. Yum.

Tracy said...

Okay, so I'm late on getting around to your lateness in getting to my post. ;o)

Um...this was HOT! Forget about the 250 word minimum, you should have kept going!!