Thursday, February 10, 2011

Personal Anthem (when the Muse needs to blow off a little steam)

If you've visited my profile or hung around the Cheetah for a while, you know I talk a lot of books and movies, but I leave music to others across the blogosphere.

I'm one of those people with about six CD's in my car and a couple dozen songs on my Droid. Classical music and movie scores are some of my favorites. The New Moon score is truly lovely, as is the music from Pride and Prejustice (Keira Knightley version). The live action Peter Pan score knocks my socks off every time (I do believe in fairies. I do. I do!). But if I had to choose, I mean gun-to-my-head choice, there would only be two bands for me.

My Chemical Romance and Queen

I know nothing about the bands besides their music, and that's enough for me. MCR's newest CD, Danger Days..., hasn't left my CD player since I downloaded it. Every morning, my twelve minute drive to work wakes me up and gets my blood moving as I scream/sing along with Gerald and the boys. Okay, so I know a teeny bit about the band besides its music, but that's it. :) Black Parade even inspired my book.

Do I really need to explain why Queen is awesome? I mean, really? Don't Stop Me Now, Good Old-Fashion Lover Boy, Somebody to Love? One (completely fake) word: Awesomological.

To wrap up (because I could go on all day, sing a few bars, and tell you that Kat, my protagonist, loves Queen as much as I do), I think everyone should have a personal anthem. Maybe it's walking music. You know, that tune tinkling around your noggin when you're in the elevator, walking down the street, or typing at your computer. Mine is what makes me smile, makes me remember that a rejection is another step toward my goal, makes me want to keep writing, keep blogging, keep networking, keep jotting down 100 word movie reviews, keep being me. So, what is my personal anthem right now? The one song that can turn my mood completely around no matter what's bothering me?


What's your anthem right now? How does it make you a better everything?



Carrie said...

Great post! I don't really have an anthem but the Jim Croce song 'Bad, Bad Leroy Brown' always makes me smile. My parents used to listen to it in the car when I was little and I would make up stories about Leroy's crimes! I still like songs that tell stories.

Misha said...

Nice post. I write about music a lot.

My anthem: anything by Muse. They inspire my writing. ^_^