Monday, April 25, 2011

Utterly Fabulous! It's time for The Now Starring Blogfest!

So, Alexis over at Kore Averna is having a blogfest! This is my 'U' post in the A to Z challenge. :) I know, I know. I'm pushing the metaphorical envelope.


My WIP (boy, I've called it Live.Die.Repeat, Outta the Bag, Deadly Dark Dreams, Dying for a Breath of many titles, but none of them spewing awesomeness on the masses) is ripe with characters I've cast in the future television series. Not movie, you ask? Nope. It feels like a series to me with a WB/CW vibe (think Roswell, but without aliens). I've used celebrities for most of my darlings, but my main character, Kat, looks like one of the lovely ladies from a workout video I've used in the past, and Tate (who I love so, So, SO (TOO) much) is a world class swimmer. Sometimes you just see a person and, you know? :)

My cast:

Kat Wake - Leili Zadeh (she's in this video introducing the Chalean Extreme workout, but I couldn't find a good picture). Dark eyes, dark hair, average height. Basically, a Goldilock's porridge, all-around 'everywoman' look.

Tate Sinclair - Ashley Delaney (image 4 in my slideshow above)
Sierra Long - Jamie Chung (image 5)

Nick Trimmer - Zac Efron (image 3)

Doctor Megan Caste - Maria Bello (image 2)

Banner Lambert - Josh Duhamel (image 1)

Now, my eye colors are all over the place, and Josh Duhamel would look about ten years older, but there they are. I left off some of the more visible secondary characters, like Penny and Leslie, because I only have a picture in my head for them. Well, that's not necessarily true. I saw my Penny at a Cincinnati Reds game in 2010. She was walking down the steps as I headed for the nachos (I know, how could I think of anything else with my nacho-induced tunnel vision, but it happened). No time to take a picture, but that anonymous person was Penny. It can only ever be her now. *sigh*

This was so much fun! Please note, not a one of these pics are mine. Check out the other blogfesters, and thanks for stopping by the Cheetah!



Pk Hrezo said...

Very cool cast. I used Zac in mine too. That boy gets around. :)

Heather M. Gardner said...

I'll watch anything with Josh in it. Bring it on!

Charity Bradford said...

LOL, I love that you saw one of your characters at a Reds game. I've often wanted to snap a picture of someone because they looked so much like the image in my head. Great cast!

Loralie Hall said...

Love your cast - I'd definitely be all about watching this movie ^_^

Ellie said...

I love how you see your WIP as a TV series. How awesome is that? Loved your casting as well.

The Devil’s Song

Missy said...

What a fun post. I like your cast! I do the same thing all the time, I even have a cast fro when they make a Lifetime movie of my life!

Zan Marie said...

Good post and lovely people, Marie!

Sometime this week, hopefully on Friday, I'll post my Celebrate Blogfest to celebrate my 100th post and 200th follower. That is if my last 6 followers show up in time. ; ) Hope to see you there.

Marquita Hockaday said...

Cool cast! I like the choice of Jamie Chung- she's a good actress :D

Alexis said...

I am so with you, sometimes a book just need to be a TV show not a movie, you get so much more out of a TV show then a movie and some books need that. Thanks for taking part in my blogfest!

Lindz Pagel said...

I firmly vowed about a year ago that I think my book would make a better TV series. You can get more in that way ;)
Great cast!
Thanks for joining in my fun!

Margo Berendsen said...

Your possible title Live. Die. Repeat. really makes me want to know what this story is about! You didn't give us any hints about the characters! Who loves who? Who hates who? No fair tantalizing without a few details... of course I MUST know what kind of man Zac get to play!

Alleged Author said...

Josh D. would look great 10 years older! RAWAR!