Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Voracious Readers - Taz prefers e-books?

If you want to be a good writer, you need to read voraciously.

Be a voracious reader.

Read with voraciousness at a minimum Level Orange.

You hear/read these things all the time (okay, so maybe not that last one), and for the most part, we do and we are and we try. So, why is it that every time I see the word 'voracious,' I think of one and only one thing?

Yes, ladies and gents. Taz.

Though he may not be the most well-spoken or mild-mannered of his species, Taz embodies the word 'voracious.' Having a very eager approach to an activity. This is the first definition that Google gives me. Actually, that's not true. The very first is 'wanting or devouring large quantities of food,' which does fit. *nods head, nods head* But my point (I think I have one) is that we writers can learn a lot from Taz.

1. Be yourself. If we all reach Taz levels of Awesome, no one will mind if we spit everywhere, destroy massive trees, buildings, and assorted cartoon characters in our personal vortex, or write what's in our hearts.

2. Eloquent speech is for television and radio personalities. Not a great speaker? The idea of approaching an agent or editor in a packed room at a conference makes you hyperventilate? Well, that's why we write, but never forget the most important thing Taz teaches us. See #1.

3. E-books rule. I bet my Kindle could survive a Taz tantrum. Paper books? Oh, you mean confetti? heh

4. For further emphasis, see #1. It really is important.

A big congrats to KATRINA who won my crazy-mistake Deathly Hallows Part 1 Blu-Ray giveaway! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to enter. :)

What are you voraciously reading right now? April's coming to an end. Don't you want to read one more book before Sunday? Come on. I know you do. Everyone's doin' it (can you say 'peer pressure?)! :)




kmckendry said...

Great "V" word and Taz is the perfect spokesman for it!
Nice to meet a fellow Ohioan on the Challenge!

Andrew Leon said...

good comparison...

I could be Taz.
I think I am Taz.