Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zippers and the End of the Challenge


Whether you hear it in the movies, see it on television, or read it in a book, that unmistakable sound of metal teeth mashing together or ripping apart sends our brains to certain places. Maybe a cramped restroom stall, behind the dressing curtain at your favorite department store, or even a cold and windy morning jog.

But for me, I always see a dilapidated building, a blond man, and the coolest hero in the world.

Have you guessed yet? :) For the letter 'Z' and my final post for the A to Z Challenge, let's talk Buffy, zippers, and unhealthy relationships.

In the whirlwind that was Buffy's Season Six, Joss Whedon gave all of us Spike-lovers a break and let our Blondie Bear have a taste of his Slayer. They finally kissed as the music swelled at the end of Once More with Feeling (a real kiss, people, not a Buffy Bot kiss). Another tease in Tabula Rasa, which might be one of my favorite episodes.

Then the zipper.

Punches, insults, kicks, threats, kisses, zzziiiiiiP. And they brought the building down. My college roomie and I just looked at each other with owl eyes and 'O' mouths. Did they really just...nah, surely not...oh my...are they...and then the episode ended.


It was certainly a night to remember. That season focused on unhealthy relationships and decisions. Buffy had Spike, Willow had crazy magic (drugs), Dawn turned all kleptomaniac, Xander left Anya at the alter, Anya scurried back to the Vengeance Demon fold, the Nerd Trio (LOVE THEM) tried out villainy, but in the end, characters died, Friendship won out, and Spike got a soul. Good times!

Have you ever written a zipper sound into your writing? Is it the best way to begin a love/sex scene? It was effective on that Buffy episode, but so awkward. Maybe that's why I remember it so vividly. Yeah, um, I'm positive that's the only reason I remember that episode. hehe

The A to Z Challenge comes to an end today. My posting schedule will relax back to three days a week starting Monday. It's been a wild ride! So many new faces and fantastic blogs. If you made it, congratulations! If not, there's always next year. :) I'll do a wrap up some time next week, but for now, enjoy the weekend!



Siv Maria said...

Not possible to get enough Buffy, as for zippers oo la la! Nice post and congrats on the challenge.

Zan Marie said...

I don't know if I'll have a zipper ever, but you and Rach at Rach Writes are thinking alike...but different. LOL!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Marie, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

Carrie said...

Tabula Rasa is one of my faves as well. Randy Giles!

Rachael Harrie said...

LOL, go the zippers ;) Great post, and love the sound effects!



Shannon Lawrence said...

I haven't written a zipper sound in, but there's always tomorrow. LOL! The novel I've written is YA, so no actual sex scenes (not that there couldn't be, but not this one).

Found you through the A to Z Challenge. I didn't get through all the blogs in April, but I'm not willing to give up!