Monday, May 9, 2011

100! Word! Review! Something Borrowed

It's that time again!

What time?

Ummmm, well, movie time! Yep, Movie Time! Here are my thoughts on Something Borrowed in one hundred, marshmallow-filled word sandwiches (no idea...just, no idea).

I LOVE John Krasinski. Seriously. His character supports, but never lies, and he pushes Dex to, well, be a man about what’s going on. What is going on, you ask? Well, Dex is sleeping with Rachel, his fiancĂ©’s BFF. Trust me, you’ll root for them after seeing Hudson play the cliqued ME-ME-ME bridezilla. You'll tune her out and watch the adorable Krasinski. He’s pretty hilarious too.
A cute dance scene, one awwww-worthy I love you, and the shy pushover wins in the end. It felt rushed, though, so I bought the book. Oscar-worthy? Um, no, but just plain fun.  

That's it! Hope you enjoyed. This movie's light-and-happy mingles well with next week's dark-and-evil (Priest). Have you seen Something Borrowed? Any movies you just can't wait to see? How about books? Any word on the new Sookie book? No, I haven't started mine (I know, I know. Awful!).



Heather M. Gardner said...

Did you read the book yet? I'd be interested in knowing if you felt the same way about the movie if you have.

Jeanmarie Anaya said...

Looking forward to this movie. Just the right amount of cheese. ;) And it's a cute premise.

Dare I say out loud that I want to see Prom? Gasp! Don't think I'm a geek. I'm just a corny Disney-movie-lover and the love interest in it is so cute.

Alleged Author said...

I want to read the novel first before I watch this one. But hmmm...maybe I'll just want it first!

Marie Rearden said...

Read the novel after seeing the movie. Hmmm, good things about both book and movie, but I still love John Krasinski. :)