Monday, May 30, 2011

Back from NYC, and Special Guest Review of THOR!

I've returned from the Massive Apple and, boy, am I feeling the 'small cheetah in a big/huge/ginormous pond' soak out of my system. I miss it already!

I have so much to share about the Backspace conference. Even the word Awesome can't describe it, and that, my darlings, says something. Throughout the month of June, I'll pepper in some of the knowledge I gobbled up over my three days in NYC, recommend a ton of books by a group of amazing authors, and generally inundate you with why you need to go next year.

But for today, it's Movie Time!

I have a generous follower (mwahaha!) who volunteered to take over my weekly review while I was out of town. May I introduce...

Andrew Leon!

Check out his blog here, and enjoy the review!

If Marvel Studios has shown us one thing, it's that it knows how to cast a movie. I didn't know Chris Hemsworth before he was cast as Thor, but I can't think of anyone who would have done a better job. Everything about him says “Thor!” Men, make your significant others close their eyes when he has his shirt off. The Warriors Three are included, which is great, especially Ray Stevenson as Volstagg. Marvel could have pulled Asgard right out of a Jack Kirby drawing. It's amazing! Weak link? Natalie Portman. Anyone could have played Jane.

Thanks so much, Andrew! Any other thoughts on Thor? Love it? Hate it? Want a shiny hammer of your very own? Should I mention the, um, abs? Hello!?! ;)

June's almost here, people, and summer's around the corner! Break out the tank tops and flip-flops!



Zan Marie said...

Glad you enjoyed Backspace, Cheetah! I'm still delaying a conference until I'm a bit more controled on my asthma, but I'll enjoy what you learned.

BTW, tell Andrew he just isn't watching the right movies. Chris Hemsworth played James T. Kirk's dad in the last Star Trek movie. ; )

Andrew Leon said...

Actually, I knew that. But only after the fact. His 5 minutes on screen in Star Trek didn't make me notice him. Maybe if they'd had him take his shirt off?

Oh, and Thor was even better on a second viewing.

Alleged Author said...

Yay for conferences!

I loved "Thor." Could not believe how much I enjoyed that movie. I agree with Andrew that the casting was spot on!

Andrew Leon said...

Thanks for having me, Marie! It was a pleasure :) I should have said that, earlier, but I was trying to run out the door.

Marie Rearden said...

Oh, Andrew, any time! I appreciate you filling in. I admit to being more inclined to see the movie now. The only pull had been the abs, but now...we'll see what happens! Thanks again! -Marie

Koreen (Clemens) Gonzales said...

Oh yes, Chris is yummy w/o his shirt ;-) and the movie was pretty good as well.

It was fun meeting you at the Backspace conference and I look forward to more posts and updates on Kat and her afterlife.

Carrie said...

Loved Thor. I think I might need to see it again!

Marie Rearden said...

Koreen!!!! So great to meet you at the conference. We MUST stay in touch. :)