Monday, July 11, 2011

Horrible Bosses, Terrific Movie - Review in 100 Words

Meet Nick, Dale, and Kurt. Three friends who decide to kill their, um, horrible bosses.
Hello, hijinks!
Yes, they get arrested. Yes, someone’s boss dies. And, yes, Jamie Foxx is at his funny best! This is not one of those movies where all the hilarious scenes show up in the previews. You will laugh at ev-er-y-thing Charlie Day does, says, thinks, looks, etc. No joke. Bateman plays a perfect Straight Man, and Sudeikis is a loveable manwhore.
It’s Office Space meets The Hangover. If you want to laugh like a hyena for ninety minutes, this movie is for you!

That's it!

I don't know if you've heard, but the last Harry Potter movie comes out this week, so this Friday's blog post will be moved to Saturday to accomodate an extra hour of Cheetah sleep. For all my midnight showing comrades, I salute you!!! I also salute everyone else, but with less pinache. Not a lot less. Just enough to, you know, tell a difference.
Also, I'm thinking about doing a blogfest here at the Cheetah. I've participated in a lot of blogfests, but I've never actually hosted one. Any advice? Tips? Topics of interest? And does anyone know where I can find one of those Linky lists? :)

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Andrew Leon said...

I really want to see Horrible Bosses. I mean, I want to see it more than I want to see Harry Potter. Is that bad of me to say? It's just that, well, I already know how HP turns out.