Friday, July 22, 2011

A Horse is a Horse. Of course, of course. Part Two

Picking up from the end of the Mr. Ed post from Wednesday, let's talk Twilight.

The four books in The Twilight Saga are, for the most part, written from Bella's persepective, and that's pretty understandable considering Stephenie Meyer's intended audience and the fact that it's a love story. Now, I'm not saying guys can't be the narrator in a romance, but male tweens may hear 'sparkly vampire' and run for the hills.

But, again, except for a bit of the third and half of the fourth book where Jacob takes center stage, the reader follows Bella. Stephenie Meyer wasn't satisfied with that, though. She wanted to dive into Edward's head in the first book to see what he was experiencing in that biology classroom. So she wrote it, Midnight Sun, and if someone wouldn't have leaked an early draft, it would probably be on my bookshelf right now. By the way, if you're Team Edward or Team Can't-Decide-because-MAN-look-at-Taylor-Lautner's-Abs (I'm tentatively raising my hand...), then you need, NEED to read the unfinished Midnight Sun.

Another example is WICKED.

In this amazing musical, we learn the origins of the Wicked Witch of the West. Elphaba (yes, she has a name) is kind and shy, and actually befriends Glinda, but circumstances, differences, and oddly enough, social and political unrest in Oz, force her into the role of the villain. It's an incredible love story. You'll never watch or read The Wizard of Oz with the same eye. :)

We've discussed it before, but a lot of fanfiction delves into the world of what if and different POV's. We want to know what the other characters are thinking, because we think we know, but want them to confirm it.

Is this all just me? Do you ever finish a book (or what was that series called...with the little boy and the wizards...oh, I just can't remember...hehe) and want more from a secondary character? How about in your writing? In my WIP, my MC isn't my favorite character, and while my manuscript is being critiqued by my awesome writer-friends from BackSpace, I'm seriously considering writing the story from a couple of the other character's perspectives. Hey, why not? I'm sitting around 49,000 words right now, so I figure if I can add 10,000 more of solid, tension-building, secondary character-developing content, the MS can only get stronger, right?


No Alf today. Sorry! I'll hold him back for some other post.


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Andrew Leon said...

I just can't get into the idea of fanfic. At all. I suppose I just can't deal with the whole "what if such-and-such happened" that we know didn't really happen. It just seems kind of pointless to me, especially since most of seems to revolve around, um, physical relationships.
If people focused more on the "what else happens" that may have actually happened, I might be more interested.

In the end I suppose it all comes down to Star Wars. There are scores of Star Wars novels out there that have been approved for continuity by Lucasfilms, things that could have actually happened although Lucas could come along at any time and say "that didn't really happen." Most of those books are crap. I know; I used to read them. Until I got to Kevin J Anderson, and he completely put me off them he was so bad. If what is basically authorized fanfic is so bad, I'm certainly not going to waste my time with all the other crap flooding the internet.