Monday, July 18, 2011

HP 7.2 Review with Top Five Lists and an AWESOME contest!

SPOILERS!         Turn back now if you don't know what happens!      SPOILERS!

Deathly Hallows, Part 2 makes up for its snail-like start by smashing into (and out of) Gringotts, apparating to Aberforth’s house, waltzing into Hogwarts, and ACTION ACTION ACTION after that with a ridiculously sad flashback in which I choked out a breath or two around my sobs. Alan Rickman is a superb Severus Snape. Lovesick, pained, devastated, and a truly good man. I love him for breaking my heart.
Though most of the cast members make an appearance, this movie is all about Harry. I don’t know if I’ll make it a month without seeing this last film again.

And because 100 words isn't nearly enough, here are a couple Top Five lists. Again, SPOILERS!

Top Five Things I loveLoveLOVED about HP 7.2
1. Snape flashback.
2. Luna Lovegood demanding to be heard.
3. The entire theater cheering for 'Not my daughter, you bitch!'
4. The entire theater cheering when Neville Longbottom killed Nagini!
5. Everything Minerva McGonagall did.

The Potter-style 3D glasses were a big winner in my book as well. ;) Yes, I'm an enormous nerd who hugged these plastic not-sunglasses to my heart and spun around like an ungraceful ballerina. You should be very sad you missed that show. hehe

Top Five Things I Sorely Missed
1. The Weasley Reunion with Percy
2. Fred Weasley's death meaning SOMETHING! Yes, it happened, but no jokes with Percy, no Percy raging after the killer, not even a full scene. I wanted to cry, darn it!
3. Nagini in the bubble. It was in the teaser poster, but not the actual movie.
4. More Hermione!
5. Ron punching Draco while running through the castle (though I love me some Draco Malfoy).

Lisa Galek over at Read. Write. Repeat. is having a spectacular contest to celebrate all things Potter. Check it out here.

She's been at The Wonderful World of Harry Potter (JEALOUS) and is offering some great prizes. You do NOT want to miss this. Sign up for the fanfiction contest too, and we'll hop around on July 31 (Harry's birthday) to check out the stories.

It's a sad, sad day to see it all end, but let's celebrate the worldwide phenomenon that is Harry Potter with smiles and contests and homemade butterbeers. Nothing will be what these last 10+ years have been, and I'm so thankful I was a part of it. :)

What did you think? Devasted it's over? Psyched for Breaking Dawn? How about The Hunger Games? Who's thinking about a trip to TWWoHP? Come on. Impromptu Orlando vacation? Anyone? Bueller?

Big hugs and bright smiles to all of my darlings.



Alleged Author said...

Awww. No one freaked out for Fred? That part in the book made me cry so hard. :(

M.J. Fifield said...

I love both of your top five lists. Alan Rickman is some kind of acting demi-god, gracing us with his presence down here on earth.

I'm pretty sure my next movie obsession is going to be The Hunger Games.