Monday, October 17, 2011

Jump Back! FOOTLOOSE Review in 100 Words

An accident kills five seniors in a tiny Georgia town, and the church-based community bans 'fun.' Three years later, a mouthy Boston gymnast shakes everyone up.

Someone took a good-but-hard-to-believe story (a ban on public dancing?), and added five scenes to make you invest more in the characters. Whether you loved or hated the original FOOTLOOSE, you'll enjoy this touching remake. There are changes, sure, but so much from the 80's is back in style, you may not notice all the throwbacks. :)

Williard still steals the show, and boy, can those kids MOVE! Everybody, including you, cut loose!

For any other Hunger Games groupies out there, the promo poster with Katniss's mockingjay pin was shining in the 'Coming Soon'  advertisement outside my local theater. I squealed like a potbelly pig and took a picture. Several people passed in that eerie silence that means they're afraid of you.



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Tonya Kuper said...

Okay, so I'll have to see it. Might not make it to the theater, but WILL see it eventually. Thanks for the review.

Oh & the Hunger Games pic made me SQUEE with excitement too!!!!