Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Before my characters

Hey, All!

Before I talk about characters you know nothing about, I'd like to give you an overview of OUT OF THE BAG.

Kat Wake is drowning in the sea of heartbreak and peer pressure known as college, but she’s determined to change that this year. She just has to A) date fewer losers and B) open her mind to, well, everything. And, oh yeah, C) figure out why a smirking blond and her delicious friend keep popping up in her dreams. A serious car crash throws her into a doctor’s waiting room with them, but this time, Kat isn’t dreaming. She’s dying.
She stands in the doorway of the afterlife where all souls wait between one life and the next. The dream woman and gatekeeper, Doc, offers Kat a choice: trade in her ho-hum life for a walk into the unknown, or return to it with the secrets she’s learned...on one condition. She must steal the memories of a man who wants to talk about this place. That’s apparently against the rules, but Doc won’t say who makes them. With more questions than answers, Kat agrees, refusing to wash her hands of her life.
She returns to find Tate, Doc’s assistant and the man from (and of) Kat’s dreams, waiting to guide her. He’s in a different body, though, a woman’s body, and Kat fights her friends’ disapproval and her own doubts to accept her new feelings. At the same time, she learns the man she’s hunting is after her for more of Doc’s secrets, and he’s not the only one. Kat must dig deep for the courage to hold up her end of the deal or risk losing her own memories or, worse, the life she just got back.

Sounds a bit like a query letter, doesn't it? :)


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