Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Penny for your thoughts


Every professor knows Penny Link’s name and GPA (when it starts with a four, it’s tough to forget), but they never recognize her plain face in the halls. She wears sweater sets and plaid skirts, keeps her limp, brown hair tucked into a ponytail, and rarely shows her teeth when she smiles. She’s so skinny we joke she must have an eating disorder.
It’s funny because she doesn’t. If she did, we would be awful human beings. There’s a difference.

Penny is the girl next door with a temper. She met Kat during their freshman year, and both are business majors. If you've ever met (or are) someone who corrects people's grammar, tsk's them about studying, and likes things the way they're 'supposed to be,' you'll love Penny. And, by the way, there's nothing wrong with any of that. It takes all kinds to make this lovely world go round.

What's my favorite thing about Penny? She never backs down. Sure, she may take a breather and come back another day, but she is fierce in her beliefs. When she thinks Kat's wrong, she lets her know, come what may (raise your hand if you just heard Ewan McGregor's voice, yeah).

I tried to keep this short, as I know there's a ton of other blogs you (my nonexistent followers!) need to read. So, what's your first impression of Penny?



Kate said...

Penny sounds like an interesting character.

Jess said...

What a great character description!

And yes, I did hear Ewan McGregor's voice. Mmmm... <3

Marie Rearden said...

Myyyy gift is my song.

Oh, yes it is! *melt*

ChimericalParoxysm said...

Penny seems almost like a contradiction (and thus intriguing!) - quiet but still outspoken; very academic but highly opinionated - I would love to hear more about her :)