Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fighter - Review in 100 Words

Hello All!

Thanks to everyone who visited and posted for my Page 99 Blogfest entry. It's been so great stopping by all the blogs. BUT I did see The Fighter last night and wanted to post my 100 words before I fell asleep.

Here we go!

Meet Dicky and Micky (Bale and Wahlberg), the only boys of nine kids. Dicky’s a crack addict, and Micky wants to do something with his boxing and normal life. Their mother is an overbearing crazy (my opinion), and Melissa Leo deserves an Oscar. Speaking of, Christian Bale was Russell-Crowe-in-A-Beautiful-Mind amazing! He looks awful, I mean horrendous, but every expression, outburst, F-word, make for an unforgettable performance.
Leo throws a mean frying pan, Marky Mark (feel it, feel it) demanded my respect, and did I mention Christian Bale? I felt every punch, but was thoroughly inspired. See it right now!
That's it! Did you see it? What did you think of Bale? How does he go from there to growly, muscular Batman?


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