Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finished the 'Red Pen' Edit

I printed draft six last week and gave it the 'red pen' edit. Literally, I put red ink to paper and ripped it to shreds. Is it perfect? No, but it is closer to polished than it was two weeks ago. That's what matters to me. Forward progress.

Another example of that. I've decided to start character biographies from my Kat of Nine Tales series. Yes, that's what I'm calling it. If/when book one makes it to a publisher, they can decide if A) it's a good series name and B) it can produce eight (yes, EIGHT) sequels to wrap up the story. Are they written? I think you know the answer. Do I have ideas? Who doesn't, but I know where Kat needs to go and who needs to make it to the end with her.

So, with much moxy and ado...

Katherine (Kat) Wake
Nick Trimmer
Tate Sinclair
Doctor Megan Caste
Leslie Wagner
Penny Link
Aaron Darling
Banner Lambert

Followers (mwahaha) are still a no-go, so I can't poll who will be first.

Let me see. My golden cheetah eyes search the savannah for the

How about Penny? Coming next week!


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