Saturday, January 1, 2011

May I introduce...

The Flying Cheetah.

Today is a good day for resolutions, so here are mine.

1. Start a blog, and find some followers. Boy, that sounds rule-the-worldish, doesn't it? *wink*
2. Read three books per month (MINIMUM). Shoot for six+.
3. Polish my manuscript and query in the first quarter of 2011. My dream agent is Suzie Townsend, and I'll be attending the Antioch Writer's Workshop in Yellow Springs, Ohio, this July. She'll be there. Can we say nervous?!
4. See at least one movie a month and not my norm. Be open to new ideas (Inception was the beginning!)
5. Fitness goals (because every year has to have them): Start TurboFire on 1/3 and stick with it. Every meal, every workout, no exceptions.
6. Look at resolutions quarterly, adjust/update/revise as necessary.

I am an as-of-now unpublished author. I have a manuscript, my first, on its sixth draft and still in need of polishing. This is a new world for me, and I'm doing everything I can, reading anything I can get my hands on, watching all the blogs I'm able, to jump into it. To fly into it!


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Lisa said...

You'll have to let me know how you like the conference. I went to the Imagination Writers Conference last year at Cleveland state and it was great!