Monday, January 17, 2011

The Roomie and the Peacekeeper

Miss Leslie Wagner is Kat's roommate. Here's a bit about Les from OUT OF THE BAG:

Leslie was all tucked in when I climbed into bed. The plastic star she insisted putting above me glowed a bright white. In her honey-coated drawl, she’d said, ‘Kat, darlin’, everyone needs a little light to guide their way.’ I’d snorted then and found myself doing the same at the memory.

She mothers out of habit. I always assumed it came from being the oldest of seven kids, but she may be playing on her looks. Tall (six foot, I think) and pudgy around the middle, she wears petal pink lipstick and carries a gigantic handbag.

If everyone had a Leslie, the world would be a brighter place. :) Leslie is the 'it'll be all right, sugar' and 'you'll figure it all out, hun' of Kat's group of friends.

So, if Leslie's the mom, we need a dad, right? Right?

Here he is:

I turned puppy eyes to Aaron, our resident peacekeeper. He's runner skinny and vampire pale with a tall forehead that eventyally touches wispy, reddish-brown hair. We think he's losing it from wearing ball caps ninety percent of the time. Tonight, he wore a green one with PEACE in white, bubble letters. How appropriate.


Aaron Darling (seriously, a real darling) is headed to Brazil at the beginning of this book, but from the snippets we get, he is laid back and loving. At one point, I'd written 'too good for me to date' from Kat's perspective, but don't think I kept it. There's no romance, but Aaron wants to see Kat happy, so when she finally finds someone, he is understanding and encouraging. I realize that might not make sense. Go and reread my 'Before my characters' post (the one that looks like a query). 

Like Leslie, if everyone had an Aaron, there would be no war, no hate, no disease (okay, well, there would probably still be disease), but you get the drift.

I've gone long with this post, I know, so I'll stop here. Let me know!


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