Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fairy dust and happy thoughts

If you've ever seen/read/heard of Peter Pan, you know that flying calls for two things: fairy dust and happy thoughts. Some versions of Barrie's tale require one, others ask for both. Keep that in mind. I'll come back to it.

So, when I set about naming my blog, the first thing I thought of was a cat. I like cats. Their general snobbery and my-way-no-highway-option (thank you, Vin Diesel) attitude are right up my alley. But, the main reason I thought of a cat was probably because one of my feline darlings was stomping all over my keyboard and murrowing to high heaven. Of all the big cats, I chose the cheetah, the fastest animal on land.

Knowing that, let's go back to Peter Pan. I (Marie) have bazillions of happy thoughts, but no fairy dust. I blame that on my inability to fly. The cheetah doesn't need fairy dust, though. She has little wings on her shoulder blades, but they're just for show. She flies at top speed to swoop down on fully suspecting bush pigs, antelopes, or other unfortunate creatures (circle of life, buddy).

That, my thirteen wonderful followers, is the haphazard thought process behind my blog's name.

And the end to this terribly random post!



Alleged Author said...

HA! I wondered how you came up with that!

Jess said...

Love it! And random posts are often my favorite--they give us insight into the blogger. :)

Marie Rearden said...

If you like random, you're in the right place!