Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Green Hornet - 100! Word! Review! and other fun

First off, The Flying Cheetah gained its thirtieth follower yesterday. Allow me to squeal in delight.

*Squeal* Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Second, this is a fantastic blog post. Funny, informative, and just all-around well done.

Last, I saw The Green Hornet yesterday, so I wanted to pass along my thoughts in, drum rolllllllll, up to 100 words. Here we go:

Seth Rogen? A super hero? But it works. He’s Britt Reid, an arrogant, quasi-loser who becomes the Green Hornet to stick it to his dead father. Kato, Reid’s sidekick-but-not is the real hero, followed by their pimp (adjective) car, then Cameron Diaz, and eventually Rogen. They act like villains to clean up the streets until the main villain (who's very loveable except when he kills James Franco) tries to kill them and reassert his evil empire.
Laugh-out-loud funny! There’s a gas gun, Rogen’s timing, a decent plot, and tons of explosions and crotch shots. I genuinely liked this movie. J   

Another week, another movie. We all struggled through one heck of a winter storm and can get back to normal (until the next week...hmmm). Let me know what you thought of the movie! FLY TO 500 Contest happening here.


Christa said...

I never watch movies. It's embarrassing, really. I am like 10 years late on everything. I haven't seen the Oscar Winner since the third Lord of the Rings (and that was a fluke, believe me). So I can't write a review for your contest but I love yours. And I love your contest idea. Good luck.

P.S. Book reviews are easier but I just read that writers (gasp) should not be doing book reviews. Huh.

Alleged Author said...

I cannot wait to see that movie. We're on our Oscars roll right now (try to watch all the nommed films).

Kate said...

This movie looks so fun, I need to see it.