Monday, March 21, 2011

Astronauts versus Cavemen...yeah, remember this?

When Nathan Fillion hit the cover of Entertainment Weekly last week with the header 'Geek God,' it got me thinking about our beloved Joss Whedon. The man is genius made flesh, but you already know that.

To start your week with a real stumper, I've resurrected a Joss and Co. most-important-question-in-the-world from Angel.

Who would win? Astronauts or Cavemen?

Most people I ask (and yes, I do ask) have an immediate answer, followed by an 'obviously,' such as 'Astonauts obviously. They're in tip-top physical shape.' OR 'Cavemen obviously. They eat saber-toothed tigers for dinner.'

So, it's time to debate your position. Let's make this fun.

To be fair, I thought this was an earlier episode of Angel, maybe even when Connor was a baby, but Google tells me it came right before the Illyria story line.

Some quick announcements:

YAtopia is having an amazing agent pitch contest. If you have a completed MS, you need to check this out.

Michael at In Time... is hosting a Harry Potter blogfest that just screams 'who were you in high school,' but with an HP twist. Love it!

I'll be making my way to the West Coast this week (Seattle, Forks, *strangled cry of excitement*) and trying to finish the conversion of my MS from college to high school for the previously mentioned amazing agent pitch contest. It's like writing a new book! I'm getting new and different ideas left, right, and center, scrapping material I hate to lose, and learning a lot about 'show don't tell.'

Okay. Enough blabbering from me. Who would win? Astronauts or Cavemen?



M.J. Fifield said...

Cavemen obviously. They come with clubs.

Zan Marie said...
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Zan Marie said...

Oops! The first version was deleted for spelling boo-boo.

Astronauts, definitely. With all their tech, they stop the caveman cold before he gets to them with that club. ; )

Elizabeth Briggs said...

I vote astronauts for technological advantages!

Alleged Author said...


Carrie said...

Love this :)

I am going with cavemen. I think the astronauts would be too noble to fight dirty (also they would be afraid of ripping their space suits).

Marie Rearden said...

I've gotta go with Cavemen. If you strip both parties down to nothing and take away their gadgets/clubs, the cavemen are going to rip the astronauts apart. King-Kong style. Seriously.

Thanks for all the comments!