Saturday, March 19, 2011

Red Riding Hood Review in 100 Words! AND Agent Pitch Contest!

First off, I have to pass along a huge agent pitch contest. YAtopia is hosting Ammi-Joan Paquette, and you do NOT want to miss it.

On to our movie! This week, my fabulous first reader and I watched Red Riding Hood. Here's my 100 word review.

Girl likes darkly handsome boy. Girl is promised to lightly handsome boy. Wolf kills Girl’s sister and wants to take Girl away. Neither handsome boy is Wolf. Seyfriend is bug-eyed and overly pale in this poor attempt at cashing in on the werewolf craze. Darkly Handsome is eye candy, definitely, and Gary Oldman projects a major Dracula vibe (which is a fantastic movie, FYI), but the camerawork’s too busy, the dialogue sounds like George Lucas wrote it, and some of the acting needs work.
What big eyes you have? Yeah. The better to see why I should’ve watched Limitless instead.

And that wraps another week! Have you seen this one? What did you think?

This was the first movie in a while where we had just awful, rude people in the theater. Loud laughing, cell phone beeps, shushing (with subsequent, sarcastic answering shushes). It wasn't an Oscar winner by any means, but the theater experience deserves a bit more respect. You know? :)

Next week? Sucker Punch from Seattle, WA!

Thanks for reading!


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Lindsay N. Currie said...

Ugh, I wondered about this movie. Sounds like such a fun idea, but I had a sneaking suspicion they wouldn't pull it off. Thanks for the review:)