Monday, March 14, 2011

Harry Potter and the Broadway Musical

I'm going to the Backspace Writers' Conference in May, and it'll be my first time in the ginormous Big Apple. So, while I'm there, I was thinking about seeing something on Broadway. Probably Spiderman. It's been in the entertainment news like crazy for as long as I've been subscribed to Entertainment Weekly, but the day (yes, THE DAY) I dared to think this thought, my newest EW shows up with this picture:

And Spiderman swung out the window.

Who else is going to Backspace? What other conferences are you considering?

Between the excitement of my first major conference, being in the same room as THE Harry Potter, and talking to actual agents and editors, I may be doin' the Snoopy dance for a month! :)

Please don't forget about my Spring Forward and Help! event. There are so many in Japan and around the Pacific that need help, and I'm giving away books and chocolate to encourage everyone to do whatever they are able. We can can make a difference!



Alexis Bass Writes said...

I've heard he's quite the broadway actor :)

AllMyPosts said...

Well, Radcliff is cool as potter!!!

ha ha!!

with warm regards

Carrie said...

I hope he keeps his clothes on in this one :) Your trip sounds great! Can't wait to hear about the conference.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Ooh! I'm really envious. I've heard amazing things about Backspace, and can only imagine how wonderful their conferences must be.