Sunday, March 13, 2011

True Grit. My 100 Word Review (without contractions...eep!)

We all know my feelings on The Hunger Games (specifically Peeta, but I will not start that again...right now). So when I read a probably not at all relevant rumor that Hailee Steinfeld was in the running to play Katniss, I checked the listings and found that True Grit was still playing at my local theater.

Here is my 100 word review for your reading pleasure, and in the spirit of the movie, I am writing without contractions today (marvelous detail, by the way).

Fourteen year old Mattie Ross is hunting her father’s killer. She enlists the help of U.S. Marshall ‘Rooster’ Cogburn, a man of grit who loves his drink. Jeff Bridges stumbles, yammers, and shoots his way into our hearts from inside an outhouse and, later, in a tear-jerking race to save a life. A mustachioed, oh-so-arrogant Texas Ranger (Damon) joins their gang and may be sweet on Mattie, but nothing comes of it. Hailee Steinfeld brings her all-grown-up-still-a-child character a sense of teeth-clenching determination, terrifying vulnerability, and LOL humor in men’s clothing and a too-big hat. Huge recommend for True Grit.     
And that is it. What did you think of Steinfeld's performance? Could she pull off Katniss Everdeen? I believe so, but it all depends on how well she can shoot an arrow. :)
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Thanks so much, and be safe.


AllMyPosts said...

Wow, the review is cool. I think I should immediately grab a copy of "True Grit"

I love reading than watching!! can't help.

with warm regards

Aleeza said...

true grit sound awesome. from what ive heard of hailee's performance, she has the toughness to pull off katniss's role. not that ive read the hunger games (yet), but ive read about it enough to know. :)