Monday, May 16, 2011

Movie Review! Priest in 100 Yummy Words

The weekends fly faster than the Cheetah!

It's Monday all over again, darlings. I'll give a rousing Good Morning to at least a dozen people who will answer with a groan and an exaggerated eye roll. In Office-speak, they're saying 'well, good morning, Gorgeous!' That's how I choose to hear it anyway. :)

But enough about me. Let's talk about Paul Bettany's Priest.

The previews scared me. Eyeless vamps snapping at an American-accented Bettany and the always yummy Cam Gigandet (another Twilighter who shows us what a difference a tan can make). I expected to jump out of my seat often. But Priest isn’t just a vampfest. Think V for Vendetta meets Vampire Western meets samurai hero drama setting itself up for a sequel. Bettany and Maggie Q create fantastic chemistry, but Karl Urban’s creepy factor misses the mark. Should’ve taken a lesson from Blue in Sucker Punch. An interesting world has been built into a not-so-terrible action movie. Give it a try.  

I'm your classic case of Loves Vampires mixed with Enormous Wussy. The Lost Boys gave me the heeby jeebies. The new Fright Night, which stars Colin Farrell and previewed before Priest, launched a flying V of goosebumps in under two minutes. Any Rated R Valentine's Day release? Not for this girl. But I heart Paul Bettany. A Knight's Tale, Beautiful Mind. Sigh. Love that man. So I braved Scaryville and don't regret it.

I'm still looking for a guest movie reviewer for the weekend I'm at Backspace. If you're interested, let me know. Thanks for visiting the Cheetah!



Alleged Author said...

I'm kind of meh about vampires right now. That's why I'm going to see "Bridesmaids." Maybe after a laugh I can do serious vamp stuff again. Thanks for the review!

Andrew Leon said...

Um... I can do movie reviews. Are you looking to have a specific movie reviewed or any old thing?