Saturday, May 14, 2011

Technological Tailspin, but Back on Track

I planned a Friday the Thirteenth post for yesterday, but with the Blogger mushroom cloud, it didn't happen. Obviously. So, in the spirit of the blogging community's issues yesterday, a post about technology sprang to mind.

First question: Do you save often?

Second question: Do you save elsewhere?

Third question: Do you protect what you save?

All of these questions revolve around NOT losing your data. All those lousy first drafts, delicious outlines, to-die-for manuscripts polished to a gleaming shine. Save them on your computer? Well, if it kicks the bucket, they're gone. Flittering off to the Heaven of the Technological Tailspin. Even auto-save couldn't help you there.

So, how do you keep it from happening? I'm the queen of the flash drive. Do you email drafts to yourself? Save on Google docs? Store on multiple computers? But how much is too much? Is there ever too much? :)

Some reminders of awesomeness happening RIGHT NOW!

Crits for Water - Kat's almost halfway to her goal. There are a ton of fantabulous agent/author/editor critiques to be won!

Help Write Now - There aren't many days left to bid! Signed books/ARC's, critiques for queries/synopses/partials/full manuscripts. You name it, they're auctioning it off. Wow! Between this one and Crits for Water, my greed monster is gnawing the bars of his cage. 'I want, I want, I want!' he snarls between bites. Feed your own green monster and BID!

All 4 Alabama - Another great cause after the Spring storms of April/May tore through the South. I haven't looked closely at all the auctions, but it's on my to-do for to-day (harhar, I'm hilaaaarious). But ignore my dorky humor and help those who lost, well, everything. I'm still a firm believer that disasters bring out the very best in people!

One last thing! I need a guest movie reviewer for the weekend of May 27-29. I'm so super excited to be going to Backspace (SQUEEEEEAL!), but I'll miss that weekend of movie-going. Any volunteers? My only rules are that the movie is still in theaters (first run, second run, doesn't matter), I haven't already reviewed it, and your review is not more than 100 words. Whoever is kind enough to do it will get a little thank-you something in addition to having your review posted on the Cheetah. Let me know!


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Carrie said...

I have a bunch of flash drives and I email stuff to myself, but I would probably still lose things if there was a crash. Have you used drop box? I've heard that is good.