Friday, June 24, 2011

Going Green! Jealousy isn't always a Bad Thing

So, I'm jealous.

Guess why by checking out this post on Suzie Townsend's blog and this post at Janet Reid's blog which, by the way, is all about Suzie Townsend. If somehow Ms. Townsend is reading this, let the warm and fuzzies fill you up, ma'am, because I'm as green as the foliage (yes, I said foliage) in your lovely pics of New Zealand. What can I say? I love me some cheetahs!

How about another one?

I'm super jealous of the amazing storytelling in this post by the always entertaining Rejectionist. Though I'm only a lurker on her blog due to my lack of Clever (hey, honesty's the best policy), I wait anxiously for her posts on all things Life.


Hmm...well, someone at the May Backspace conference signed with an agent. I don't know who it was, but I'm crazy jealous. That person is fantastic, and if it's anyone following the Cheetah, TELL US so we can let our green-eyed monsters shine like the Vegas strip. :)

Jealousy gets a bit of a bad rap, I think. Sarcasm too. But both can be used for Good instead of Evil. Being jealous is another way to tell someone they're awesome. Sounds weird? Maybe, but hear me out. That now-agented author worked his/her butt off to write the best book imaginable, and I want nothing more than to, well, work my butt off to write the best book imaginable! I can congratulate someone else and encourage myself at the same time.

We're all in it together, people! Tell someone they're amazing. Go on. I'll wait.

Now that you're back, check out Crits for Water as it winds down. Katharine's raised over $6,400 (!!!!) for her charity. That's spectacular. No, it's BEYOND spectacular! But there's still time for more. ;)

What are your thoughts on Jealousy? How often does it come up in your writing? I'd love to hear from you!


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Tonya said...

I admit that I do get jealous of other writer's milestones, but I, too, use it as fuel to work harder, to write better. And even if I'm a little jealous, I am still very happy for the writer (and if I know them, continue to be supportive).

Good topic.

Hope your writing is going well!
: ) Nebraska