Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Celebrity Crush

We all have them. Insane crushes on the rich and famous. There's something very safe in feeling 110% devoted to someone you've never met, maybe who doesn't exist, because admit it, sometimes we're head over heels for a character a person plays, not the person themselves.

It happens in books too, but the visual of a celebrity, someone we can google and read about, drool over in magazines, wonder what they're doing right now, it's the visual that pulls me in. Shallow? Mmmmyeah, but is it really? You all know my feelings for Peeta from The Hunger Games (112% devotion, seriously), so when Josh Hutcherson was cast, I was instantly crushing. That smile, his open and honest attitude toward the role. Yep. Crush, and the 10 years that separate us mean nothing, right? Right.

Right?! :)


One of my best friends had and still has a crush on Mufasa from The Lion King (cartoon version). She always said "Just imagine him as a human being," then she made a 'hubba-hubba' cat noise kind of like a rrrrOU and clawed at the air. Go on. Imagine it. Finished? Crush. hehe

My college roomie had a mad celebrity crush on Nicholas Cage. Say what you will about his movies and acting, but my friend was/is in love. Owned every movie, posters on the wall, called him Nick, and made a deal with her boyfriend-turned-husband that Mr. Cage was the only man for whom she'd leave him. He agreed, making the same deal with Reece Witherspoon.

My current celebrity crushes are Harrison Ford in the seventies (sorry, not now), tanned and smiling Robert Pattinson, Tom Felton, and always, ALWAYS Hugh Jackman. From a fangirl crush perspective, we could add Emma Watson to that list.

It's been a while since I did a totally fun, related-to-nothing blog post, so let's go to town on this. Who are your celebrity crushes? Do you have a deal with your partner like my roomie?


As always, thank you Google Images for the pic!


Christa said...

Celebrity crush: Jeffrey Wright

I will see everything he's in. So talented.

Sarah McCabe said...

I really don't get celebrity crushes. I get character crushes. I may crush a bit on an actor in a particular role, but not transfer the crush to them in general. For instance, yes, I am ALL ABOUT Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, but not in any other role. It's Indy I really love, though the appearance is of course part of that.