Friday, August 12, 2011

When Writer-Friends Find an Agent!!!!!!

It's time to celebrate, darlings!

Christa at Christa Writes snagged herself a fabulous agent! She put in the work, jumped over the hurdles and through the hoops, and it all paid off. I'm delightfully jealous! Stop by her blog and show her some love.

That's the kind of encouragement that helps us all through the dark days. Knowing that it really can happen. No matter how sick we are of a manuscript, there's always another idea floating through our brains. No matter the rejections or frustrations or plot holes or excessive description (yeah, that would be me), there's a day when you're ready. When that perfect, beautiful story is ready. Who knows when, but eventually, it'll happen.

Someone at Backspace, can't remember who, mentioned that musicians don't pick up an instrument and master it in a month. Artists can't just throw paint on a canvas and call it The Mona Lisa. It takes time and work and tears and work and giving up and coming back and, oh hey did I mention, WORK.

Show of hands, who's committed to it? Anyone?

*raises hand!*



Angela Felsted said...

Congratulations, Christa! That's awesome.

Zan Marie said...

Oh, wow! I'll go by and let her know I'm impressed. ; )

franklycreative said...

Congratulations. Thanks for the inspiration