Friday, August 19, 2011

Leasing our Lives?

Most of us have heard the expression to 'give a new lease on life.' It means to make something healthy or to rejuvenate, but I tend to frown when it's used to talk about people. Let me (briefly) explain.

If I'm a really crappy person (hypothetically, thank you), whether it's because I'm mean or unhealthy or bored or whatever, and something miraculous happens to 'give me a new lease on life,' what does that say about the lease on my old life?

Do we lease our lives instead of owning them? And, if so, who's the landlord? No, I'm not talking about religion, though the religious among you may see a connection. I'm more making the point that we shouldn't think of our lives as 'borrowed time' or 'out of our control.' No one else makes our decisions, and good or bad, we have to walk the path we choose.

Here's the thing, though. Nothing's irreversible except death and, ahem, taxes. Hello, Accountant here :). But, seriously, life should be a happy experience. We're only sure of just the one, right? So why not wake up every day with a determination to make it better for yourself or someone else. Go to the spa, give to charity, buy some shoes, sit in the sunshine, see a movie, or whatever you enjoy.

Don't lease your life. Own it, and I promise you'll smile a bit wider, laugh a little louder, and see the world in high definition.

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Christine Murray said...

Great post. You're right, life is about making ourselves and others as happy as possible. This made me smile!

GigglesandGuns said...

Owning you life means taking responsibility for your choices and actions. Some people would rather blame others.
Thoughtful post.