Monday, October 3, 2011

Moneyball Review, and Hunger Games teaser!!!!!

First of all, I've seen the Hunger Games teaser several times and always forget to mention it (sorry!). Here's a link. There's no Peeta, but I was hopping in my chair. Literally. Raise your hand if you're excited!!!

Also, the fabulous Amparo Ortiz created a new and crazy-awesome blog called Reel YA where she reviews teen books and movies. I love it! Check it out here. So worth it, especially since she reviewed 10 Things I Hate About You last week. I heart Heath Ledger (miss you)!

Okay! I caught Moneyball over the weekend. Here's 100 words for your reading pleasure!

Combine Pitt's looks, a true story, and Jonah Hill's timing, and you get the inspirational Moneyball. Retired baseball player Billy Beane teams up with economist Peter Brand to put together an inexpensive, winning team based strictly on the numbers. Though the Athletics don't win the World Series, the road to the playoffs will hold your attention for about seventy five percent of the movie. The other half hour kind of drags.

Shining spot? Young actress Kerris Dorsey who plays Beane's daughter. Cute as a button with a sweet-as-cotton-candy voice that tugs at your tear ducts. This girl needs more work!

That's it! An excellent date movie. Sports for the guys, and Brad for the girls. ;) Next week will be a fight between Hugh Jackman and Anna Faris. We'll see who wins!


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