Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Day of September! Make it Count

Five ways to make the last day of September 2011 count. Go!

1. Become a morning person! Force away the frown, and say your version of 'Good Morning' to everyone you see from at least 6am to 10am. My greeting tends to be "Mornin' ladies!" or "Hey Boss!." Be THAT person. :)

2. Post on your blog! Even if you don't regularly post on Fridays, find something excellent to say/show. You know, something like this crazy-happy cheetah.

Thank you, Google images!

3. Use the word 'Awesome' on some social media site. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, wherever you prefer.

4. Work on your book. First line, query, synopsis, edits. Whatever needs to be done, do it.

5. Dance in your living room. Sing in your car. Be happy.

You're nervously asking 'What's the deal, Marie?,' right? Well, a flying truck (NOT related to the flying cheetah) ran a stoplight on Wednesday and would've slammed into the driver side door of my beige Civic had not the awesome (AHHH! There's the word!) driver of the van next to me blasted its horn. I'm not dead, and that's pretty cool!

Bottom line. Life's too short. Be happy and healthy! I heart all of you!



Laura said...

OMGoodness. I can FEEL the excitement dripping off the screen! I'm so happy that you're alive!

Still, I will never--EVER--be a morning person. Although, I do say good morning to everyone I see before 10am (considering that my husband and my daughter, it's not really that demanding).


Oh, and send me some more EG!!! Stat!

The Golden Eagle said...

I'm glad you're okay!

LOL. I'm totally a morning person--I usually greet people with a ridiculously chirpy "Hello!"

Koreen said...

Wow, I'm happy you're all right. And you've inspired me to get some work done instead of procrastinate like I normally do. :-)