Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Words v. Numbers

Stereotype me.

Go on.

No? Oh...well...umm, this will be a pretty boring post then.

Okay! I'll be you for a sec.

Me: Stereotype me.

You (as played by Me): Okay. You're an Accountant, a BEAN COUNTER. Must be awesome at math and loveLoveLOVES taxes. You're reserved, always quick to contemplate, but never rash in your decisions. And CONSERVATIVE! Accountants are way too conservative.

Me: *devil's-a'comin' scowl*

You (as played by Me): I mean...

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah! I asked for it.

So, how did momma's little bean counter (worst. descriptor. ever) decide to write a book? Simple!

The same way that lawyer, and those teachers, and HEY YOU! Yeah, you in the corner, that stay-at-home dad. The same way all of you started. With an idea. With a notepad. With a passion. Enjoy it!

BTW, I'm terrible at taxes, can do as much math as the +, -, *, /, and % buttons on my calculator allow, and am the exact opposite of 'reserved.' :D  Our professions don't make us certain things. Our actions do that!

Second BTW! Buy a copy of Lauren Myracle's SHINE. Google her name if you don't know why. :) See? Actions!



Escape Artist said...

Googling now! : )

Andrew Leon said...

Hey, who says I'm sitting in the corner? And I didn't start the first book on a notepad. That was the second book.