Saturday, February 26, 2011

The King's Speech: Review in 100 Words or Fewer

Quick housekeeping: FLY TO 500 ends on Monday, The Sky is Everywhere Challenge ends tonight.

Ready? Here we go. 

In one Amanda Bynes movie, someone says Brits "only show emotion toward dogs and horses.” Well, when Colin Firth breaks down, sob-stammering ‘I’m not a King, I’m not a King,’ he decimates this rule and made me a blubbering mess. Bonham Carter creates delicious awkwardness, and there’s such rich, dry humor from the leads that I was biting my bottom lip to keep my stretching smile from touching both ears. The water-over-polished-stone voices of George VI’s father and brother strengthen Firth’s already marvelous spoken performance. Your heart will hurt for him, and there’s gorgeous music the entire time. Fantastic!

That's it! Another week, another movie. Go see The King's Speech and watch Colin Firth win his first Oscar tomorrow. If he doesn't, well, disappointment isn't a strong enough word.



Alleged Author said...

So glad you loved it! I thought it was great and am still hoping the movie wins best picture. "The Social Network" was hip, but "The King's Speech" is memorable.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Well said! I went to it on Saturday, and I LOVED it! You're right - her awkwardness was perfect. It was such a pleasure to sit through. Never again will I wish I were royalty!