Saturday, February 26, 2011

Help for New Zealand and Contest Update

This post will be a complete topic-hop. You have been warned! :)

The ginormous earthquake that rocked Christchurch, New Zealand has further devasted an area recently hit by a similar quake. Though the News tries, I just don't think there are words strong enough to convey what those poor families are feeling right now. But there are ways to help, and I recently came across a blog, Confessions of a Mystery Novelist, that is giving an incentive to do just that (though, as the author explains, no one really needs more incentive to help, but it certainly can't hurt). Check it out and give if you're able.

I'm seeing The King's Speech today, so I'll have a review either tonight or tomorrow morning. Remember, the Oscars are tomorrow (Firth, Firth Firth)! Check out this post to predict the winners in a handful of the major categories. I'm hoping to stay awake for at least one of the Actor/Actress categories, but only time will tell.

Contests! Contests! Contests! The FLY TO 500 Contest ends at midnight on Monday, 2/28/11. Can you believe next week is March? Yikes! If you haven't entered yet, check it out here and write your 100 words. Also, I'm giving away a copy of The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson on this post for only two sentences, but that ends TONIGHT (2/26/11).

Okay. That's it! Thanks for reading, be safe, and keep writing!


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The Golden Eagle said...

I saw the post at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist. What a great thing to do!