Friday, September 23, 2011

How Music Tames the Wild Beast

So, I discovered the IHeartRadio App on Wednesday. Three things.

1. It's awesome!!!!! I've been so devoted to the My Chemical Romance album in my car, I haven't actually listened to other music for ages. So much fun to realize whistling is a huge deal, Katie Perry's as cute as a teenage button, and Ga Ga sounds waaaaay too country.

2. It's taking a toll on my reading. I'm too busy bee-bopping around my house to the newest Britney or Maroon Five song, I can't even find the book I'm reading. Maybe that's why my Kindle took a vacation (had to do a hard reset. Super scary!)

3. It's sucking my motivation to write! :( Yes, SAD FACE! Not only because of my previously mentioned bee-bopping, but also because I can't focus on the words in front of me when I'm focused on scream-singing along with Adele.

How do you step away from the music? hehe. While we're at it, how do you add five extra hours to your day to read, write, work, listen, exercise, and oh yeah, sleep!? Is music your Muse or your undoing? Ooh, the cheetah's feeling a bit dramatic today, isn't she? ;)

Happy Friday! Write something amazing this weekend.


1 comment:

M.J. Fifield said...

I love MCR.

I have no idea how one goes about adding five hours to one's day for whatever the purpose but if someone comes along who does know, please, do tell!