Monday, October 31, 2011

In Time in 100 Words, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Happy Halloween, darlings! Zombie up and vampire down. Today's the one day a year you can be anything you want. Enjoy it! I'm going as a Starbucks barista zombie and plan to Thriller at least once. :) How about you? Witch? Fairy? Katniss? I'd love to see some costumes!

Oh, and here's my pumpkin! A little rough, sure, but such a great time. :)

If you carved a literary pumpkin, head over to YA Highway to enter the Halloween contest. It's free books, people. Can't beat that.

So, on to the movie! I was able to see In Time on Friday.

Hi. I'm Marie. I'm a movieholic.

But don't you see? You're my support group...kind of. Umm, anyway! How about 100 words?

Humans age until they're twenty five, then they're on a clock. Time is currency. The rich have lots, the poor don’t. See the political backdrop of this movie? I loveLoveLOVED the idea, but the execution left me with 'huh?' face. Lots of 'time' puns, a look at Vincent Kartheiser post-Angel (Connor), and the extraordinary Cillian Murphy who didn't get enough TIME in this movie. I cared about his character the most, and his story didn't quite have the punch it could've.

If you're curious about Timberlake as an action star, see it in the theaters. Otherwise, wait for the DVD.

For some wonderful reason, every theater in Dayton, Ohio decided not to play Anonymous. Maybe next week...

I won't be posting on Wednesday or Friday of this week due to my Backspace Conference adventure. Speaking of, there's still time to win SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi! Just go here, and comment on my first pages by the end of the day today. I'll announce a winner tomorrow. Thanks again (and ahead of TIME) to everyone who offered advice on my query and first pages. I sincerely appreciate your feedback. :)


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